Friday, September 4, 2009

Starbucks Save The Day.

Today things went from bad to worse. I woke up still having the headache and felt lousy. This is not like me, I am hardly sick. The phone started ringing early and the news wasn't good. My dads health issues are now thought to be worse then we originally were told and everyone is upset and needed to vent. We hardly had time to find out he is sick and process that and now things have escalated in less then 24 just bites sometimes!:(

I am angry and upset...well we all are. But for some reason I got really mad and then I wanted comfort. I wanted something sweet and all I could think about was a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato..I needed to get out of this house and get away from the phone. I threw my cell phone on vibrate..screen my calls I guess and headed out the door.

Well it worked...funny thing is I finally got rid of the headache. Kind of crazy because I am not a Starbucks nut. I do it so seldom..but it really works.
Treat yourself and you feel better.

As the day wore on I ended up running to Vancouver with my sister for a quick trip. Lets get real, for us Islanders to go to Vancouver it's never a quick trip. But we sailed over and dropped off the parcel and came right back. It was a beautiful night for a sail and the ferry wasn't crowded, just nice and relaxing. We laughed and giggle and read trashy magazines...The gospel according to US

Kind of put the heavy stuff away for a bit. We will have it all to deal with tomorrow so for one night it was nice to forget. I didn't take a lot of pictures but managed a few. I also got some sketching done for future projects so the day wasn't a total waste.

My sis trying to looking like a tourist.


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  1. I wondered where you had run off to. Sorry to hear about the things with your dad.