Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy Hands

It's summer here on the west coast and it's been a great one. I spend alot of time out doors and am not around much. Warm weather brings changes in the day to day routine. Long evenings outside enjoying my new patio and gossiping with friends by candle light. Lazy afternoons floating in the pool and snoozing on the chaise. This is what summer means to me. I tend to do alot of quick little projects and store up on furniture and treasure for projects when I am inside more.
Even though my schedule has changed that doesn't make me less creative. I make quick little projects and always have something going. My house is really warm in the summer so my doors and windows are always open. I stand at my work counter and glue, paste, paint and chip away at my vintage treasures. I love to add found objects or just any old thing I have around. Todays inspiration was a little bird singing on the fence.

I listened to him as I was sorting through all the beautiful papers I have. I thought this would make a great memo holder for a recipe card. I made cupcakes the other day and it would have been nice to have one of these to hold my recipe while I worked.

These quick little projects are so much fun and take me away to a peaceful time. As always birds play a big part in my work, I truly love them. I did this piece a few weeks ago and it sold right away. Seems birds are a favorite of everyone.


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  1. That chair is gorgeous and dreamy. I wish it lived in my house.