Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Get Up And Move.

I have become a runner. When you see those long legged athletes along the road running in their stylish outfits and looking uber fit as they make it all look so not think of me.

I am not an attractive runner and some may not call what I do running..LOL. I huff and puff along in my stretch pants and unmatched shirt, my hair ends up looking like I have been hanging out in a wax factory and my face is blotchy and red..but I don't care.

I get up and force myself to get out the door and start with a brisk walk and attempt to run. My back aches, my muscles are stiff and my baby toe has a rather ugly blister on it. Still I have a large grin on my face and a lot more energy. I have a long way to go and I will.

While sitting at my daughters hospital bedside all those months I would daydream about running...I am sure it was my minds way of escaping my life. I started to have dreams about running, but still I didn't do anything about it. I shoved it away and life past by. My BFF was a marathon runner..I even went and watched her from the side lines and told myself next year..I will join her, but I never did. Then about a year ago, she too was in a horrible car accident. She wasn't supposed to survive, but she did. She has fought to get better and shes getting there.. but her running days are over(only for now, I hope) She misses it...shes sad. I would dream I was running with my friend and tried to cheer her up.

When we got the news of my fathers illness the other took me back to my daughters accident. Seeing her struggle to get better and of her living with pain and fighting just to move. Those feelings of day in and day out of hospital life. That feeling of just sitting and waiting for something to change. Of seeing my once healthy friend sitting in a wheel chair..and I was embarrassed and angry. I was lazy and have taken a healthy body for granted. Something inside me snapped.

So now I run, I run for my daughter, I run for my friend, I run for my dad. I run for my other friend with cancer who has been to weak to get up and move. I run for the people in the hospitals and in wheel chairs...the bed ridden. I am not going to change any thing. I am not a do gooder. These people don't know about me. The only thing I wish would be that some healthy people read this and get up and move for some one they love. You will feel better for it and we should all appreciate the bodies we have.

I couldn't find anything about running that inspired me at this moment...but I did find this cute video about a guy named Matt who danced all over the world. He's no Michael Jackson and he hasn't learned a new step, but he has a great smile and people couldn't help but get up and dance with him So if your not into running, perhaps you can get up and dance..Dance like no one is watching( and then your friends will post it on YouTube).Just get up and move.

The photos were taken with my cell the quality is not good. But I was out on a run and thought how lucky I am to live here. Enjoy


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  1. What a beautiful post, seriously. I would love to run with you if you ever feel like it. I won't necessarily be able to keep up but I promise I won't make you carry me :)