Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blue Is Just A State Of Mind?

I still don't feel well today...All the sneezing has stopped and is now replaced with a killer headache. I lay down for awhile to see if I can get rid of it...but no such luck. Already feeling down I then get a phone call to say my dad has gotten the results of his recent test and now faces a serious health issue. I kind of expected it but when you hear it's just so hard to take. My dad is the worst for going to the doctor and now will have to deal with them a lot. Hard days ahead for our family. So I am in a blue mood.

Since I am in such a blue mood I thought I would post pics of different shades of blue in my home and studio. Little things I painted or made, displayed. It's hard to be creative when your down but for me arranging little vignettes is a pure stress reducer and for a few minutes you forget the world around you. I hope tomorrow is a better one...Enjoy

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  1. Beautiful work, sorry to hear about your dad and that you are sick.