Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sleep Is For The Weak At Heart

I have days and days of sleep to catch up on. I can't function properly and I am getting farther and farther behind. The last few weeks have been busy and the stress load is reaching volcanic levels. I am running out of time, inspiration and all around Joie de Vivre.

My time is being demanded by more and more individuals and I have nothing left to give. The weather here has been awesome and I feel guilty for not taking advantage of this time to work outdoors enough. The shop is stacked with things to sort and sand, crack and phil. I need to get something done. I have had company and the house is a mess and theres been little time to canvas sits and gather dust. I have clients to visit, photos to upload, bills to pay and furniture to list. Grocery shopping is now a huge chore and I am walking in circles. I am not some one you should come to ask for advice right now, deciding what to have for dinner is more then I can handle. Some days all I get done is laundry and some days I don't. I tried painting yesterday and spent so much time redoing something that before I would have been able to capture right away. I feel the hours are wasted as now I hate the results. As in all trials in my life I try to look at things with humor and see the bright side to the life around me. This is what I learned while the rest of the world is sleeping.

I have 3 small cracks in my ceiling.

I think my little dog can snore louder then a 747

Alcohol before bed does not help you just have to get up and pee.

They play Harrison Ford Movies back to back on late night TV.

Your furniture jumps out and attacks you while walking around in the dark and leaves ugly bruises in odd places.

Your credit card can get declined at any hour.

Vacuuming at 3 am is clothing optional.

I thought I would surf the internet for a solution for my sleep problem. You would be amazed how typing the word sleep in to Google all the strange and wonderful place it can take you.

YouTube provided the best result so far...desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Don't forget to kill the music at the bottom of the page before playing this clip



  1. Ah, lack of sleep. I understand that one all to well.

  2. Check out this blog! Oh, to dream :)