Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lifes Peachy

My little house smells of sweet peaches. Today I picked all I could off my little tree. For some reason this year I had a ton of growth and got lots of fruit. Sorry to say most were on the ground, all sad and bruised. My peaches were small and very juicy (I know that so doesn't sound right for some people..but I mean just what I say..nothing x-rated) I got so excited by my little bundle of sweetness that I forgot to take pics but I remembered before a few pathetic little ones were left to peel in the sink.

I made a yummy crisp with some and froze the rest. I love the smell of fresh baked treats in the house and the oven heat only made them smell even better. The aroma of sugar and cinnamon is incredible mixed in with the peaches.

It takes me back to the markets of Nice with all the smells of flowers and spices and fresh fruit in the air. One of my favorite places in Nice.

I love the way my house smells and wanted to keep it that way. So I lite a peach smelling incense.

It was a perfect end of summer night...a tiny cool breeze flows in the open door. My new patio looks very inviting I moved my little party for one outside and reflected on the last week.

We have been through a lot in the last few days. The news about my dad has taken it's toll and we are only at the beginning of a very hard journey. Tomorrow is another day...but for right now, life is good.

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